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EVERLIGHT LIGHTING Creates More Fun, Innovation and Convenience for Life

2015/12/09 15:50:00

EVERLIGHT LIGHTING Creates More Fun, Innovation and Convenience for Life
EVERLIGHT LIGHTING attends “2015 Taipei International Building, Construction & Decoration Exhibition” to demonstrate the full series of lighting products, where the ceiling light series and smart bulb are the most outstanding. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) for the ceiling lamp series is up to 89 and a lifetime of 40,000 hours, allowing 10 color adjustments and five scenario modes. A user can adjust the color and set the mode by favor. In order to bring more fun and convenience for life, the smart bulb A72Q and A60Z employ BLE technology with warm and cool white adjustment. With the compact design and easy interface, we welcome you to experience at the booth.

Both ceiling light series are designed with 56W. Different from the ordinary lamp with CRI>80 only, the CRI for the new ceiling light series is 89 to provide clear and bright color with 10 color adjustment (2800 to 6000K) and 5 scenario modes, full bright, cool white, warm white, sleep and night lamp. Ceiling light series are the highest cost/performance products. Many expectations can be satisfied merely one lamp. Regardless of warm white or bright cool white, a user can make voluntary selection. The scenario mode is based on the convenience of modern life and human design. If a user selects the Sleep Mode, the lamp will automatically turn off after pressing 30 minutes to save the power bill. Two ceiling lamps are only different for the exterior design, allowing a user to select.

With the concept of intelligent world for global IoT (Internet of Thing), intelligent bulb A72Q, A60Z, A72Q and A60Z are 10W and 8W bulbs, where A72Q with 85m/W can replace the conventional 60W bulbs and A60Z can replace the 40W bulbs. A72Q and A60Z employ BLE technology not only to break through point-to-point limit for Bluetooth but also control more than 64 bulbs by many people. With the APP on the mobile phone, you can remotely, locally, individually or in group control from warm white 3000K to cool white 6500K. At any place in your home, you can change the color and brightness of each lamp with your motion and location.
The LED Tri-Proof Light and Emergency LED Tube are demonstrated in the exhibition. The Tri-Proof Light provides extremely high efficacy 100 lm/W. No dark place will take place even though the flexible cascade, best choice for commercial lighting and office lighting. The Emergency Tube can charge and discharge 1000 circles. During the power failure, the Emergency Lighting Mode will automatically activate to continuously last 3 hours without power interruption.

We also demonstrate the commercial, office and industrial lighting applications, as well as our brand, WOFI, residential light products in the exhibition to provide the customers for total solution and best service with complete and diversified product lines.

EVERLIGHT LIGHTING sincerely invites you to visit:
Taipei Building Show 2015
Venue: The TWTC Exhibition Hall One
Booth Number: B410
Date: December 10-13, 2015 (10:00 to 18:00)

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EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD. is the subsidiary of EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a global LED manufacture leading company. The company is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales in LED lighting fixtures business to provide customers with a cost-effective and better quality full range of LED lighting products including residential lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, road and street lighting, industrial lighting, special lighting and so on. EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD. keep the concept of excellence, innovation, integrity, quality and perform to meet customer demand as the first priority in order to promote ECO LED lighting products. EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD. make efforts to promote LED lighting products with “environmental protection, energy saving and health”. LED exists where lighting shows; LED lighting is EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD.!

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