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EVERLIGHT LIGHTING Exhibits Taiwan’s High-quality LED Products at Philippine’s Worldbex First Time

2016/03/15 10:08:24
EVERLIGHT LIGHTING Exhibits Taiwan's High-quality LED Products at Philippine's Worldbex First Time

Taiwan's No. 1 LED Brand, "EVERLIGHT LIGHTING" exhibits the lighting series like home, office, industrial and outdoor applications at 2016 Philippine's Worldbex first time, bringing Taiwan's high-quality LED products to the Philippine market and promoting them to the world.

EVERLIGHT LIGHTING exhibits the products for home, commercial, office and industry lighting to present the completeness and diversified product line, where features the bulb, lamp and street light. Not only bulbs for 3-15W but also T5 and T8 lamps are provided for options. In addition, the street lights like Dolphin and Victory are exhibited at the 2016 Philippine's Worldbex.

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has the experience on LED industry over 33 years. In 2011, we funded the brand “EVERLIGHT LIGHTING”, dedicated to the lamp developments and sales. Our lamps are installed in many finance and enterprise buildings, famous hotels, constructions and hospitals in Taiwan, including the light show at the roof of Taipei 101. On the project for the replacement of road lamp by Taiwan Government, more than 200,000 LED street lights from EVERLIGHT LIGHTING have been installed on the roads. Based on the concept of “Strive, Onward, and Never Let Up”, EVERLIGHT has been honored by the Taiwan Excellence Award, Top 100 Brand, China Famous Trademark, and Innovation Product. In 2014, we took the top five place in the global LED market (according to the IHS) with a market share of 4.5%. We have been promoted to the leading brand in Taiwan, and continued the growth in China and the world.

As the largest LED package supplier in the world, we will bring our customers with the real-time and high-quality service. The branches are located in nine countries with 14 sale locations around the world, like Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and India!

EVERLIGHT LIGHTING sincerely invites you to visit:
Philippine's Worldbex 2016
Venue: Philippine Trade Training Center
Booth Number: 
P13 to P18
Date: Mar 16-20, 2016 (10AM – 8 PM)

Source: EVERLIGHT LED Lighting

About EVERLIGHT LED Lighting
EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD. is the subsidiary of EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a global LED manufacture leading company. The company is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales in LED lighting fixtures business to provide customers with a cost-effective and better quality full range of LED lighting products including residential lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, road and street lighting, industrial lighting, special lighting and so on. EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD. keep the concept of excellence, innovation, integrity, quality and perform to meet customer demand as the first priority in order to promote ECO LED lighting products. EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD. make efforts to promote LED lighting products with “environmental protection, energy saving and health”. LED exists where lighting shows; LED lighting is EVERLIGHT LIGHTING CO., LTD.!

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